Scientific weight loss methods are important

With the improvement of living standards and changes in lifestyle, overweight and obesity have become the fifth major risk of death in the world. Every year, at least 2.8 million people die from overweight in the world, 200 million people are overweight in China, and more than 90 million people are obese. Diseases such as diabetes, hypertension, cardiovascular disease caused by overweight and obesity are increasing year by year and showing a younger trend. The country's annual investment in medical expenses due to obesity is tens of billions of yuan. When it comes to weight loss, many people go on a diet or exercise crazily, but it is easy to cause weight rebound and a series of problems such as accelerated aging, poor face color, hair loss, poor memory and endocrine disorders.
Cai Junxiu, director of the nutrition department of the hospital of South University of Science and Technology, said that the way to lose weight must be scientific. Try not to trample on the pit. We must go to the clinical nutrition department of a regular hospital to find experts to evaluate and formulate a scientific weight loss plan. "An important reason for obesity is unbalanced diet or over nutrition. Obese people generally have a very strong appetite, preferring high sugar and high-fat foods, and excess energy is converted into fat, which leads to obesity. Weight loss is not only to reduce weight, but also to reduce the health risks brought by obesity."
Wu Shaobin, deputy chief physician of the Nutrition Department of Huizhou First People's Hospital in Guangdong Province, said that any weight loss to reduce basic metabolism or cause a large amount of muscle decomposition is unscientific, and this weight loss method is more likely to rebound once it ends. Obesity should be judged according to the body mass index (BMI), if the weight and body fat rate are within the normal range. It does not belong to obesity or fat type obesity, so it is not necessary to lose weight, let alone diet. Scientific weight loss is more about reducing fat, avoiding a sharp decline in muscle mass and basic metabolism, and more importantly, forming a healthy dietary pattern and lifestyle during weight loss.
Cai Junxiu said that in order to lose weight scientifically, we should keep our mouths shut, start with balanced nutrition, eat less food that has little effect on human health, eat less animal fat or greasy food, replace animal oil with vegetable oil, eat less food with high cholesterol, eat less sugar, eat less salt, eat more fruits and vegetables, drink appropriate water, and control alcohol consumption.
Ge Zhihui, a senior private teacher from Hangzhou, said: "Among the four ways of energy consumption, the consumption of physical activity is the only energy consumption that can adjust itself. As the amount of physical activity increases, the energy consumption will increase significantly. Therefore, paying attention to exercise and increasing the consumption of physical activity can scientifically shake off excess fat. For the most basic aerobic exercise, taking fast walking as an example, it is recommended to do it twice a day, 30 minutes each time, half an hour after lunch and dinner, and pay attention to the pace The pace of walking is larger than usual, and the pace is accelerated. Walk 1000-1200 steps every 10 minutes, and walk for 30 minutes continuously as a unit. Outdoor activities such as cycling, dancing, jogging, mountain climbing and boxing are also good choices. In addition, aerobic exercise should also be combined with resistance training. It is recommended to do it once a day for 20 minutes each time, focusing on moderate dumbbell exercises and strength exercises, step by step and according to your ability. "
Ge Zhihui also suggested that all people, especially obese people, should consciously cultivate their exercise habits and take physical activities anytime and anywhere. "For example, during the commuting time, we should drive less and take less cars, increase the chances of walking, cycling and climbing stairs, and walk more and move more. We should also reduce the time of sitting for a long time in our daily work and life. We should stand up and not sit in the process of work, get up every half hour, do stretching exercises or physical exercises, reduce the time of watching TV, mobile phones and other screens, and take more outdoor walks and sports. The forms of sports are rich and diverse. We can take housework The organic combination of sports and exercise makes life colorful and sports fun. "
Seven Mistakes of Weight Loss
Myth 1: Only exercise but not diet
The only way to lose weight is to consume less energy than the total consumption. An hour of long-distance running can consume about 400 calories, and a cream cake can make your one hour effort come to naught. Therefore, we should remember that exercise is only an aid to weight loss, and correct diet and rest habits are the key to weight loss.
Myth 2: Do not eat breakfast, or do not eat for a long time
Skipping breakfast will slow your metabolism, making it harder to burn fat later in the day. If you don't eat for a long time, you will send a "famine" signal to your body after frequent starvation, and your body will respond by storing more fat after your next meal. Therefore, the correct way to lose weight is to eat less and eat more meals.
Mistake 3: partial weight loss
Fat can only be reduced in the whole body, not in part. The waist and abdomen are the places where the body is most likely to accumulate fat, and the only effective way to reduce waist and abdomen fat is to control diet and reasonable exercise.
Myth 4: No fat intake
It's not true that some fitness forums mention that we should ban oil when it comes to weight loss. The energy supply ratio of fat in the dietary structure is 25-30%, so the total amount of fat intake should be limited, and attention should be paid to the quality of fat, especially to limit and reduce the intake of trans fat (largely in fried and processed foods) and saturated fat (fat meat).
Myth 5: Eat only vegetables and fruits
If you only eat vegetables and fruits, you can't get enough and balanced nutrients, and you can't get protein from them. Your body will break down a lot of muscles. If you lose weight in this way, you may lose 5 kg of muscle in one month, while the fat may be reduced by 1 kg at most. The result is that your appearance has not improved much.
Myth 6: High protein diet makes people fat
Among the three nutrients, protein is the most difficult component to make people fat, because people will have the thermal dynamic effect of food when eating, that is, the human body will improve metabolism by up to 30% when digesting protein, while carbohydrate can only increase by 10%. In fact, refined high carbohydrate diets are more likely to gain weight.
Myth 7: Substitute meals can reduce weight
Substitute meals can make people present a state of low energy intake, but if they are used for a long time or even replace three meals a day, it will affect the heart function instead. Many people say that only eating coarse grains can reduce weight. In fact, if only eating coarse grains, it will increase the burden of gastrointestinal digestion, which is not conducive to nutrient absorption. Moreover, coarse grains cannot cover all the nutrients needed by the human body. Balanced intake should be beneficial to health and weight loss. (Transferred from the 06 edition of China Sports News on May 12)