More than 700 sports venues make one click reservation for "mass communication", a new measure of benefiting the people, radiating to Dawan District

A reporter recently learned from Guangzhou Municipal Sports Bureau that since this year, the "Mass Connect" nationwide fitness service platform has continuously introduced new measures: strengthen sports exchanges and cooperation with surrounding cities with Guangzhou as the center; Guangzhou launched the public recruitment of open stadiums and gymnasiums for the benefit of the people, promoted the launch of a number of stadiums and gymnasiums on the mass fitness service platform, and provided free or low-cost open space services to citizens.
"Mass communication" extended to the Greater Bay Area
With the "mass communication", it's easy to book a place. After eight years of innovative development, the "mass communication" has covered stadiums and gymnasiums in Guangzhou, Foshan and Zhaoqing, and is radiating to more cities in the Guangdong Hong Kong Macao Greater Bay Area. Science and technology help sports benefit people and benefit more people.
In 2013, in order to achieve the goal of making full use of public sports venues after the Guangzhou Asian Games, and to solve the citizens' urgent pain point of "difficult to book venues and expensive prices", the Guangzhou Municipal Sports Bureau took sports as the focus, relying on the "Internet plus" technology, launched the "mass sports" nationwide fitness service platform online The stadiums and sports social organizations provide one-stop "Internet+sports" convenience and benefit services.
On the basis of the successful practice of the sports circle of "Guangzhou, Foshan and Zhaoyang Integration", the "Group Connect" interconnection and sharing platform will further cover Qingyuan Stadium, which is the first good news for citizens to participate in the national fitness program in 2021.
At the beginning of this year, Ouyang Ziwen, secretary of the Party Leadership Group and director of the Guangzhou Municipal Sports Bureau, and his delegation went to Qingyuan to investigate the work of sports counterpart assistance and signed a cooperation framework agreement and a memorandum of "mass communication" to support Qingyuan in holding the 16th Provincial Games.
The platform "bases itself on Guangzhou and serves the Bay Area", strengthens sports exchanges and cooperation with surrounding cities with Guangzhou as the center, and has successively promoted the online platform of sports resources such as sports venues and events in Foshan and Zhaoqing. More than 200 sports venues have been added to the platform, and more than 700 sports venues of various types have been launched on the platform, providing cross regional sports convenience services for citizens in many places, and promoting the integration of sports information resources among cities, Realize the interconnection of sports resource data and expand the sports circle.
"Mass Communication" expects more venues to join
In order to optimize the service quality and geographical distribution, expand the supply of open venues for the benefit of the people, and help Guangzhou build a model city for national sports and fitness, the Guangzhou Municipal Sports Bureau recently decided to carry out the public recruitment of open stadiums and gymnasiums for the benefit of the people in Guangzhou, and promote a number of stadiums and gymnasiums to go online to provide free and low-cost open venue services to the public through the "mass fitness" service platform.
"Welcome qualified stadiums and gymnasiums to actively apply." The relevant person in charge of Quntong said that the stadiums and gymnasiums in Guangzhou that meet the basic conditions and opening conditions and are willing to provide people friendly open space services can participate in this public recruitment.
This recruitment has some hard requirements for venue operators. For example, stadiums and gymnasiums must be within the scope of Guangzhou. Sports events include badminton, table tennis, tennis, football, basketball, swimming venues, fitness venues, ice and snow project venues, etc. The venues, facilities and equipment necessary to provide open services for the benefit of the people must meet some specific conditions. For example, at least 4 badminton courts (indoor), each of which is a standard badminton court; There shall be at least 8 table tennis tables (indoor), and the area of each area shall not be less than 20 square meters; At least 2 tennis courts, each of which is a standard tennis court; The football field meets the standard of 11 person football field, 7 person football field, 5 person football field, or community football field registered by the municipal and district sports departments.
Qualified stadiums and gymnasiums open to the outside world within the scope of Guangzhou can voluntarily apply for joining. The Municipal Sports Bureau will entrust an agency to organize an expert review team to review the compliance of all the declared stadiums and gymnasiums according to the preset conditions. The declared stadiums and gymnasiums that pass the compliance review will be included in the recommendation list.
The "Quntong" platform distributes sports coupons and free coupons of 5 yuan, 10 yuan, 20 yuan and other denominations to citizen users every month through various forms such as the benefit turntable, point exchange, and event coupons. Citizens can book Huimin open stadiums and gymnasiums marked with the word "Hui" on the "Quntong" platform, and enjoy free and low-cost sports bonus of the government subsidy. (From April 21, China Sports News, Page 02)