How to Exercise Scientifically for Teenagers at Home in Summer Holiday

Nov 22,2022

How to Exercise Scientifically for Teenagers at Home in Summer Holiday

Summer vacation is coming. Now, in the summer vacation notice issued by local education departments, "arranging summer sports homework" has become the "standard configuration". Parents also pay more and more attention to their children's summer sports exercise, swimming, football, basketball... Many parents will report a sports training for their children. In the "Bright Action Plan for the Prevention and Control of Myopia among Children and Adolescents (2021-2025)" jointly issued by 15 departments including the Ministry of Education, it is also clearly stated that "comprehensively implement the homework system for students in winter and summer vacations, and guide parents to create a good atmosphere for family sports."
During the long vacation, how should young people do physical exercise scientifically at home? What should we pay attention to when doing physical exercises? He Chen, deputy chief physician of Sports Trauma Surgery Department of Sports Hospital of General Administration of Sport of China, said: "In summer sports, we should first pay attention to the weather. It is better to train in a cool and ventilated environment to prevent heatstroke. When exercising in swimming and other events, we should pay attention to safety protection and choose safe water areas to prevent drowning. Children's exercise focuses on low and medium intensity flexibility training, including some endurance training and simple strength training. For specific projects, running, swimming and gymnastics are good choices."
Understand your physical health and develop the habit of physical exercise
Li Liang, an associate researcher at the Sports Science Research Institute of the General Administration of Sport of the People's Republic of China, said that parents should know their children's physique and health conditions before encouraging them to exercise actively in the summer vacation, such as whether their children have certain sports contraindications. It is necessary to comprehensively analyze the physical fitness and health status of the child in combination with the physical test results and the child's physical condition, so that the child can purposefully strengthen physical exercise, cultivate interest in sports, and achieve a targeted goal. In addition, summer vacation is also the best time to systematically correct children's bad posture, such as forward leaning and scoliosis. You can take this time to go to the hospital for detection and help children to make scientific correction by combining sports with medicine.
"Teenagers like to get together. If they exercise alone, they will lose an atmosphere of sports, and gradually lose interest because they don't have sports partners." Li Liang emphasized the importance of family sports atmosphere, "On the one hand, parents are the supervisors of their children's exercise plans, and on the other hand, they are also the guides of their children's exercise. Whether their children can persist in their exercise depends greatly on their parents. Parents should set an example and influence their children with their own practical actions, so that they can gradually like sports, consciously carry out sports, and infect each other."
In addition, the experts also remind that the selection of summer exercise content should pay attention to the combination of young people's hobbies and sports partners' preferences, and the determination of exercise content should adhere to the principle of "health first" and "operable". For example, some collective ball games or games can be carried out, and long distance running, hiking, cycling, swimming, etc. can also be carried out together. Before the exercise, pay attention to the corresponding special preparation activities to prevent injury accidents. Parents can also sign up for sports clubs or holiday training classes for their children to carry out systematic and targeted training for a specific sport, so as to better improve their sports ability.
Determine reasonable exercise time and cultivate good work and rest rules
During the summer vacation, the reasonable exercise time should be determined according to the different sports events, teenagers' work and rest habits, and holiday study plans. Once you have determined your exercise time, you should strictly implement it. Perseverance will help you develop a good routine. Experts said that the principle of physical exercise is to increase the amount step by step. It is appropriate to insist on physical exercise for about 60 minutes every day in summer vacation. The exercise frequency is about 5 times a week. However, the exercise volume of obese children should be medium intensity, and the heart rate should be maintained between 140 and 160 times per minute. In case of adverse reactions such as dizziness and nausea, exercise should be reduced to prevent accidents.
In terms of exercise time, experts suggest that we should avoid the high temperature period as much as possible because of the hot weather in summer. For example, you can choose to run in the morning with your family or play basketball and table tennis with your classmates in the morning; In the afternoon, you can choose swimming or various ball games; In the evening, you can consider taking a walk or a quick walk to keep fit, so as to bring the rhythm of exercise into your life. In addition to the necessary summer sports training, watching sports competitions, participating in skills training, hiking and mountaineering and other colorful activities should also be an important part of the holiday sports homework, so that the children's holiday sports elements are more exciting.
Balanced dietary intake to maintain a healthy life
Scientific exercise is also inseparable from scientific diet supplement, especially during summer vacation, teenagers are particularly prone to "extreme diet". Experts from the Department of Disease Control Food Nutrition and Student Health Care said that physical exercise and reasonable nutrition were important factors in promoting children's physical growth and development during their adolescence. In particular, physical exercise has accelerated the material and energy metabolism process of the body. At this time, more attention should be paid to scientific and reasonable balanced diet intake.
The balance of caloric intake is of positive significance to the rapid growth of young people. The daily caloric intake should be consistent with the demand, and adequate minerals, vitamins, water and other nutrients should be supplemented. For example, eat more vegetables, fruits and cereals, eat milk and dairy products, choose to eat lean meat, poultry, fish and lentils and other foods rich in protein, eat reasonably, drink moderate water, drink less sugary drinks, and eat less sugar and fat. Eat a balanced diet every day, and avoid the bad habit of partial food.
In addition, in view of the possible eye fatigue caused by the increased use of electronic products during the summer vacation, Li Liang said that children should not only be able to learn knowledge through electronic products during the summer vacation, but also need to protect their eyesight and prevent myopia. "The single use of electronic products should not be too long, and it is best to control it within 20 to 30 minutes. Give children enough time to relax. During this time, they can do some eye exercises, eye health exercises, fitness exercises, etc., to guide students to develop the awareness of eye protection. At the same time, during the summer vacation, young people are also encouraged to go outdoors, which will have a positive effect on children's physical and mental health and myopia protection." (Transferred from June 29, 2007 edition of China Sports News)


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