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Customer satisfaction is our honor. Foshan Laijian Sports Equipment Factory strives to provide superior products and honest services for the society. The integrity, strength and product quality of Foshan Nanhai District Laijian Sports Equipment Factory have been recognized by the industry. Welcome friends from all walks of life to visit, guide and negotiate business.


Product Description

Pre-Sales Support

Professional Consultation Services Lai Jian Sports Equipment Factory offers professional pre-sales consultation services. The company has an experienced professional team that can provide personalized fitness equipment selection advice based on the customer’s needs and site conditions. Through one-on-one communication, we ensure customers select the most suitable products.

Product Display and Experience Lai Jian Sports Equipment Factory has a showroom in Foshan displaying various series of fitness equipment. Customers can personally experience the functionality and effects of the products. The company can also provide samples and product demonstrations to help customers better understand the performance and features of the products.

Customized Design Solutions Based on customer needs, Lai Jian Sports Equipment Factory can provide customized design solutions. Whether for a home gym or a commercial fitness center, the company can offer professional design and configuration advice to maximize space utilization while meeting all of the customer’s fitness requirements.


After-Sales Support

Product Quality Assurance Lai Jian Sports Equipment Factory strictly follows the ISO quality management system in production. All products undergo rigorous quality testing before leaving the factory. The company guarantees that all products meet international standards and provides product quality assurance services to ensure safe and stable use.

Comprehensive After-Sales Service The company provides comprehensive after-sales services, including installation, debugging, maintenance, and repairs. A professional technical team can resolve any issues customers encounter during use in the shortest possible time. Additionally, the company offers regular maintenance services to extend the product's lifespan and maximize customer investment value.

These pre-sales and after-sales support services aim to provide customers with comprehensive, professional, and thoughtful service, ensuring the best user experience and satisfaction when purchasing and using products from Lai Jian Sports Equipment Factory.


Leg extension&leg curl (2functions)


Sales Support

Experience Rich Professional Team Providing Expert Consultation Services

Customers Can Personally Experience the Functionality and Effects of Products

Customized Design Solutions Provided Based on Customer Needs

Ensuring Customers Fully Understand All Product Features and Usage Methods Before Purchase

Company Guarantees Quick Response to Customer Inquiries and Needs Through Multiple Channels Such as Phone, Email, and Online Customer Service for Timely Communication

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